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Older children in Georgia await adoption and a forever family

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Adoption |

Adopting a child is a unique experience for each family that chooses to go through this process. Older children in foster care or otherwise waiting for their adoption are far less likely than younger children to find forever families. When they are fortunate enough to finally have a place to call home, these children may have already been waiting for a number of years. Georgia families thinking about adopting or fostering a child may want to consider opening their home to an older child.

One couple decided that they would become foster parents for children that had to leave their biological family for one reason or another. This husband and wife one day received two girls who had been moved through four other foster homes over the course of a year. When they would serve dinner, the girls would take all the food for themselves, and in the car, they would get into fights.

These soon-to-be parents would not let these behavior issues daunt them or keep them from moving forward in the adoption process. As with many older children in the foster care system, the girls had issues, both emotionally and behaviorally. The couple had prepared themselves beforehand, though, and was ready to provide the support and love that the girls were sure to need.

Unfortunately, older children that are awaiting adoption may have memories of their biological parents or foster homes, and those memories may be detrimental and cause grief. Couples that are considering adopting a child in Georgia can seek guidance from family law professionals and other resources in order to gain a more thorough understanding of the process. There are some commonalities of adoptions of children of a certain age group, but each child is unique, and every story of finding a forever family is its own.

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