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Working through the various aspects of divorce in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Divorce |

There are many things to be considered during the divorce process, such as the effects of existing prenuptial agreements, the division of marital property and whether there will be an award of alimony. Those in Georgia who are looking into divorce or working through the process can seek assistance from professionals in the family law field. With their help, divorcing parties may better understand the various steps that must be taken.

When dividing property during divorce, it has to be determined what is marital property and what belongs to an individual party. When determining what is separate and what is martial property, various factors may have to be considered. Additional outlines made in prenuptial agreements can also determine the outcome of property division.

Determining which party will get the house is another challenge. In some cases, the house is awarded to the party with primary custody of the children. Other times, it is based solely on which party can afford to keep and maintain the house. Likewise, child support and child custody arrangements vary by case, and they should be geared toward the best interests of the children.

Family law professionals can provide a great deal of guidance concerning how property, debts and other assets will be divided during divorce. Many aspects of property division are unique to a couple’s situation, although the general factors that must be considered remain the same. Parties considering a divorce in Georgia have several resources available to them that can provide information related to the various steps in divorce proceedings.

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