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Single-parent adoption a possibility for Georgia residents

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2016 | Adoption |

When the topic of adopting a child is brought up, most people have a variety of preconceived notions, some well founded, others not as much. Some believe that the only families that adopt are couples that cannot have children on their own. Others think that only well-to-do families with a husband, wife and possibly a few biological children are suitable to adopt. However, single-parent adoption is a very real possibility for those in Georgia.

Over 20 years ago, one woman was bold enough to start the adoption process as a single mother. She had no children of her own and was not in, nor pursuing, a serious relationship, but she knew that she wanted to be a mother. This woman went through the process and adopted a little girl from India.

Nearly two years later, she decided she wanted to adopt again and again chose India. The process had moved rather steadily before it came to an unexpected stop. This adoptive mother waited almost 10 years for the paperwork to be completed with no progress. At one of the final proceedings, a new social worker came in that the woman had never met before and recommended that she not be granted the adoption since she was a single mother. The mother was devastated.

The judge, however, saw that she was a willing and loving mother who could bring a child in need into her family. He granted her the adoption, and she was soon united with her second daughter. This heartwarming adoption illustrates just how impactful the process can be on the lives of the children adopted and the adoptive parents. Single parents in Georgia interested in adoption and creating a family through this process have a variety of resources available to them. Furthermore, they can contact a legal professional with questions about adopting a child so that they understand the steps involved with the process.

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