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Adoption brings joy to families in Georgia

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2017 | Adoption |

Hundreds of thousands of kids are in foster care in the United States. These children, for one reason or another, have been removed their homes, and many are waiting to be adopted by a forever family. Georgia families interested in adoption have several options as they consider this process. Family law attorneys can provide assistance with both domestic and international adoptions.

One mother has shared the impact that adopting a child has made on her life. Through a series of pictures and captions, this new adoptive mother thanked “the village” that made her adoption journey a success. She believes that the family members, friends and legal professionals that helped her along the way are truly the village that made her adoption dreams come true, and added a little girl to her family.

The child spent more than 1,000 days in the foster care system before finding a family to call her own, and a group of people who will support her as she grows up. However, more than 400,000 children remain in the foster care system awaiting adoption. The need for foster parents and adoptive parents is great, especially for sibling groups, children over the age of 8 and children with special needs.

Those in Georgia who are interested in adding to their families should take the time to explore all avenues toward adoption. Working with an adoption agency is one option, and brokering a private or family adoption is another. However, foster care is an area where families can take a child into their home and truly get to know them as an individual before making the decision to adopt. At the same time, being a foster family provides an invaluable service both to children in need and to society as a whole. It is hoped that stories such as the one mentioned here will prompt more families to consider foster care as part of their path to expanding their family. 

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