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Adoption is worth the wait for Georgia families

On Behalf of | May 31, 2017 | Adoption |

Amy Brown, of the “Bobby Bones Show,” has made the decision to adopt a little boy from Haiti. While adoption was not her reason for visiting this country several years ago, that changed when Amy met a 2-year-old boy who moved rather slowly and was not overly social. The blond lady walked into the orphanage, and the boy reached out for her and did not let go for five hours. Brown later made the decision, as have many families in Georgia, that she wanted to adopt this child.

Upon the return from her trip, Amy told her husband that he should meet this little boy who had captured her heart. The couple then returned to Haiti and decided that they would begin the adoption process, not only for this 2-year-old boy but also for a girl who was a bit older. Since that decision, the couple has been working through adoption paperwork and visits for four years.

Although the visits that end in the children remaining in Haiti and their adoptive parents returning home have been challenging, the family is excited that they are nearing the end of the process. During this time, the couple has been preparing their home and bringing attention to the needs of people in Haiti. The children have begun taking English lessons so they can better communicate with their parents.

While the process is not always quick and easy, this couple would not trade their adoptive children for the world. Other couples in Georgia who are considering adoption can seek the guidance of family lawyers who have handled international and domestic adoption cases. With their assistance, the prospective parents can be prepared for what the process may hold and how to overcome obstacles that may arise.

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