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Divorce is never a decision to be made lightly or to go into blindly in Georgia. In a recent study by online marketplace Worthy, 46 percent of women said they were surprised by one or more financial implications of divorce. Being familiar with family finances can help reduce or eliminate such a surprise.

Some of the surprises reported included not being aware of the size of the family’s total debt and failure to anticipate a need to return to the workplace. Debt can be the responsibility of both parties in the divorce. Additional concerns had to do with the cost of health care and the cost of getting the divorce itself. Also, women were not always aware of how long they would be able to receive alimony or child support or what the amount of either one was likely to be.

To better prepare for a divorce, women should be familiar with all of the family finances. This would include debts, budgets, assets, investments and income. Such knowledge can reduce financial uncertainty that can accompany a divorce. While divorce is seldom easy, knowledge can ease the process.

A woman contemplating divorce in Georgia may benefit from speaking with an experienced family law attorney. An attorney who is knowledgeable in dealing with divorce cases can assist his or her client in preparing for what to expect. A lawyer can also be a calming influence in a stressful situation and will review the case to obtain the best settlement possible for his or her client.


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