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Drivers face many distractions behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Car Wrecks |

A Root Insurance study revealed that most people in Georgia and throughout the country don’t like it when other people engage in distracted driving. However, it also discovered that most people admit to using their smartphones while driving. Group chats, looking at social media and watching videos on a phone were listed at the top three distractions by 99% of respondents. On average, those who participated in the survey said that they spent 91 minutes a week on their phone while driving.

Among the study participants, 47% stated that distracted driving was their main concern while on the road. Furthermore, 89% said that they would give a Lyft or an Uber driver a bad rating for using a phone while driving. According to the study, smartphone use was not the only distraction that drivers dealt with while on the road.

It also found that drivers commonly drove without putting their hands on the wheel or used another body part to steer their vehicles. Drivers also said that they played with a pet, performed grooming tasks or changed their clothes while operating their vehicles. A related report found that for every 100 miles that drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 traveled, they used their phones more than 20 times.

Those who are involved in car wrecks that are caused by distracted drivers may sustain a variety of injuries. They may also experience property loss or damage in the aftermath of such collisions. If it can be shown that a driver was negligent in causing an accident, victims may be entitled to compensation, which may cover medical bills, replace damaged items and help make up for lost wages or future earnings. An attorney may help a victim obtain a favorable outcome in a case.


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