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Divorcing parents should not overburden their kids

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2019 | Divorce |

Georgia parents who are divorcing know the stress the process can cause. It can be taxing in any number of ways. It can also be hard on their kids. The effects of their parents divorcing can be severe on the children, and it can impact them intio adulthood. Studies have shown that children of divorce are at an increased risk of forming negative relationships or being overweight. There are steps divorcing parents can take, though, to minimize the negative consequences for their kids.

Despite the high levels of emotion involved for the people divorcing, it is important to protect the children from emotions like guilt, sorrow and anger. It’s a good idea for parents to establish behavioral ground rules for themselves. Simple things like agreeing not to fight in front of the kids can make the process much easier for them. It’s also important for parents to give the children some answers, but without the extreme negative emotion that can be hard for them to understand. They don’t need to have all the details, and giving them too much information can increase the burden on them.

Parents can help their kids adjust to the divorce a lot on their own, but professional support is called for in many cases as well. Additionally, while it is important to be honest with the kids, it is also important not to give them more than they can process.

A family law attorney may be able to provide advice about how to communicate with children during the divorce process. An attorney might also be able to help with the practical steps, such as the drafting and filing of a petition to begin proceedings. An attorney might help the client identify assets and negotiate the terms of property division or develop a strategy for child custody hearings.


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