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Tips for driving in winter

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Car Wrecks |

Winter driving in Georgia can be more dangerous than driving in the other seasons when there is no risk of snow and ice. However, drivers can take precautions that keep the roads safer.

First, in inclement weather, only necessary trips should be made. Drivers should stay off the road when there is snow and ice unless they need to be at work or must run important errands. When being on the road is unavoidable, they should leave plenty of time to get to their destination. Driving too fast puts everyone at risk.

Many winter driving tips are not very different from those drivers should observe at any time of year, but in bad weather, unsafe driving becomes much more dangerous. For example, drivers should never tailgate, but it is even riskier in winter when icy roads may make stopping difficult. Driving should be slow and deliberate, leaving plenty of time to brake at stoplights. When going uphill on snowy or icy roads, maintaining a steady pace is best since trying to go too fast could cause the wheels to spin. At the top of the hill, drivers should slow and take care going down. Drivers should try to avoid any unnecessary stopping since they could struggle to get traction and might create an unsafe obstacle in the road.

Car wrecks caused by drivers who are negligent in the winter or at any other time of year can lead to devastating injuries. Drivers who cause these types of accidents may be responsible for paying compensation to injured people to cover medical expenses and possibly other costs, such as lost wages. Victims might want to have a lawyer’s assistance throughout the process.


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