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Surprising facts about divorce

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When people decide to marry, they generally believe that they’ll stay that way for the rest of their lives. Sadly, that isn’t always the case. Many marriages end in divorce, something that has become commonplace and just a part of life. 

You may have heard that half of all marriages end in divorce, but that isn’t accurate. Even if it was, there are so many complicated factors around people’s reasons for divorcing that no one should ever feel ashamed for getting one. If you’re considering getting divorced here in Georgia, there are several interesting facts about divorce you may find surprising.

The statistics of divorce

The rate of divorce has fallen over recent years. One study showed that 2018 had 2.9 divorces for every 1000 people, compared to 4 divorces in 2000. Today, about 39% of all marriages end in divorce. One demographic’s divorce rate is rising, however; the rate of divorce for people over 50 has doubled in the last thirty years. Still, the average age for a person’s first divorce is age 30.

Children and divorce

It is no surprise that children are greatly affected by divorce. One study found that children who grew up in households where parents fought but didn’t divorce were more likely to divorce themselves than children whose parents just divorced. Women whose fathers weren’t a presence in their lives were more likely to be physically unhealthy, more prone to divorce and had worse education.

Child support is often a contentious subject as well. Less than half of parents with an agreement regarding child support payments receive the full amount. Most custodial parents are women, and half of them have a child support agreement. Less than a third of custodial fathers have an agreement.

Divorce and social implications

There are several interesting facts about divorce that people may not consider. One is that if people in marriages have different drinking habits, with one being a heavy drinker and the other not, they are more likely to divorce than a marriage in which both spouses drink heavily. Another interesting fact is that divorces seem to peak in August and March, with a drop in November and December. The internet and social media have an increasing role in divorces. Over 30% of divorce filings reference social media.

There is one good fact about divorce that may make you feel more comfortable if it is an option you’re considering. Over two-thirds of people think that divorce is a better option than staying in an unhealthy relationship. If you have questions about filing for divorce, don’t hesitate to reach out to an attorney who can help you determine the next steps. 


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