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Long-lasting impacts of a DUI charge in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2020 | Dui Defense |

There really isn’t any excuse to be on the road and operating a vehicle when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Driving while impaired can both cause a fatal accident and leave you with a mark on your criminal record.

In fact, in the state of Georgia there is a set of consequences you may face immediately after you a judge finds you guilty of DUI. This can include a jail sentence, steep fines, community service and license revocation or suspension. As a result, the charge and the short-term outcomes can lead to long-term personal problems, impact your career growth and continue to stunt you financially.

Personal problems

Maybe you only have to drive yourself from place-to-place, or maybe you have kids or friends you often help transport. Whatever your situation entails, your loved ones might not have the same trust they once had in you after seeing you be reckless on the road. For example, your child’s other parent might not want you to help drive the kids around, even after you regain your license. Or your friends might not include you in plans to have drinks the next time they go out.

Career impact

A DUI charge isn’t ideal for anyone who drives for a living, because if you lose your license, even temporarily, you can’t perform your job and will most likely lose it. Additionally, as you apply to pursue new opportunities in any field of work, a background check can make future employers aware of your criminal record. And if other candidates you are up against haven’t committed a misdemeanor or felony, then you might not get the role, depending on the standards and policies of the company.

Financial burden

In addition to the fines that come along with DUI charges, you can also expect your insurance rate to skyrocket. In fact, across the country, drivers with a DUI face an 80% increase in their rate on average. So, if a few hundred dollars in fines seemed unfair, then you should understand those fees are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the financial impact of a DUI.

The costly consequences of a DUI, both socially and financially, are something to consider while debating whether you’ve sobered up enough to drive. They are also a good reason to seek legal aid if you are awaiting your court date. Having someone defend your rights can reduce the harsh impact of the charge, which, in turn, can help you progress in all facets of life with less roadblocks.


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