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Knowing what to expect from the process of probate

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Probate |

There may be a variety of factors to address when managing the affairs of a someone who has recently passed on. One topic that many individuals in Georgia may wish to better understand could pertain to the process of probate. Knowing what to expect during probate could be an integral part of preparing to approach the process with a sense of clarity and peace of mind.

Experts suggest that there may be a variety of factors to consider when preparing for the process of probate, and some of the steps involved with this process may include the following:

  • Document authentication: One of the first steps involved with the probate process includes the process of authenticating estate planning documents such as a will.
  • Estate executor: Next, the court may appoint someone to act as executor of the estate and the person chosen for this position may carry a variety of responsibilities.
  • Identifying possessions: Another step involves the process of identifying and locating all of the deceased party’s assets and possessions.
  • Debts and taxes: The executor may also bear the responsibility filing tax returns and of contacting the necessary parties such as creditors and using certain assets to satisfy debts.
  • Asset distribution: One of the last stages of the probate process could pertain to preparing to distribute assets in accordance with the wishes of the deceases, or if no will exists, the court may make the final decision concerning asset distribution.

While entering probate proceedings with a strategy could prove vital to staving off unfavorable results, such an endeavor could prove somewhat challenging at times.

Individuals who are facing probate and wish to gain insight on what to expect could find it helpful to seek legal counsel early on. By speaking with an attorney, a person in Georgia could obtain much needed advice in covering every aspect of the probate process. Such guidance could prove essential to helping a person prepare to face what comes next with confidence and to seek an outcome that best aligns with safeguarding the interests of everyone involved.


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