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Single-vehicle crash leads to DUI charges

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2021 | Dui Defense |

Most drivers may have experienced a moment in time in which they temporary lost control of a motor vehicle. While, in some cases, a similar incident may lead to little harm, there is always a chance that it could also result in disaster. A recent single-vehicle accident that left a passenger with serious injuries has also left an 18-year-old man facing DUI charges in Georgia.

The incident

Law enforcement agents reportedly responded to the scene of the crash on a recent Thursday morning. While many of the details surrounding the crash remain unclear, reports do indicate that a passenger was ejected from the vehicle in the process. This person was airlifted to a medical facility for treatment, and while the driver was also taken to the hospital, no information was provided as to the nature of his injuries.

While it is unclear as to how authorities came to suspect the presence of impairment, reports indicate that the driver stands accused of driving under the influence. While facing similar charges could prove stressful under any scenario, those of a younger age may feel even more intimidated by the process. As a conviction for similar charges could have a lingering impact on one’s future, seeking advice on the next steps to take could prove integral.

The next steps

Those who face DUI charges and wish to seek advice on their legal rights and available options could find it helpful to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can evaluate the charges and evidence against a client in Georgia and provide insight on the best course of action with which to proceed. Should a conviction be unavoidable, such guidance could prove essential to helping a person prepare to seek the best outcome possible concerning his or her future.


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