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Head-on crash claims lives of child and pregnant mother

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2021 | Car Wrecks |

After succumbing to the effects of fatigue while behind the wheel of a vehicle, those who continue to travel may only end up placing the lives of everyone nearby at risk. Similar effects can leave a person feeling disoriented and confused and disrupt one’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. A recent car accident involving a driver who exhibited similar effects has reportedly claimed the lives of three people in Georgia, two of whom included a pregnant woman and her unborn child. 

The incident 

According to reports, the incident began shortly after medical responders encountered a man who had fallen asleep behind the wheel of his car. After attempts were made to arouse him from slumber, they say the man acted confused and proceeded to speed off. Soon thereafter, authorities responded to reports of a head-on crash and say they later learned that the driver who caused the crash was the same man who was involved in the previous incident. 

Authorities have advised that both a pregnant mother and a child in the other vehicle were taken to a medical facility for treatment. Unfortunately, the child, the mother and the unborn child were all pronounced dead later on. No further details were provided concerning the crash, as the investigation remains ongoing. 

Unexpected loss 

Losing a loved one in a car accident can be a devastating experience under any circumstance. Should such a loss stem from another party’s negligent behavior, surviving loved ones could choose to retain the services of an experienced attorney for advice on their available legal avenues. An attorney can provide a client with insight on how best to prepare to seek the compensation entitled and assist him or her throughout every stage of the subsequent process. 


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