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Possible signs of a distracted driver

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Car Wrecks |

Driver inattention continues to play a role in many collisions and even a moment of distraction could substantially increase the odds a crash might occur. While many drivers in Georgia may take measures to avoid falling pretty to distraction while behind the wheel, they cannot always expect others to do the same. As such, knowing some of the possible ways to spot a distracted driver could prove integral to staying safe and reducing the odds of being involved in a major car accident.

What to watch for

Experts indicate that there could be various signs to look for regarding distracted drivers. One of the most common indicators of such negligence could involve drivers who are unable to maintain proper lane control. Distracted drivers may also be more susceptible to exhibit issues with focus and as such, may be prone to frequent changes in speed.

In some cases, one may also spot a driver who is eating or grooming inside a vehicle and such actions can take a significant portion of one’s focus off the task at hand. It could also be helpful to watch out for drivers who are constantly pressing on the brakes. When a vehicle is carrying multiple occupants, drivers who appear to be engulfed in conversation may also be more likely to succumb to distraction.

Distracted driving crashes

While knowing the possible signs of distracted drivers can be helpful, it might not always be enough to prevent the negligent actions of another party from causing a car accident to occur. Those who suffer serious injuries during such a crash could also benefit from gaining insight on their available options for legal recourse by consulting with an experienced attorney. An attorney in Georgia can help a client understand all his or her available options and assist in preparing to seek the restitution entitled through a personal injury claim.


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