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Addressing the most common types of college student crimes

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Helping your child prepare to pack up and head off to college can be both exciting and exceedingly emotional at the same time. While you might be thrilled to see your child spread his or her wings and grow, it might not be uncommon to worry about how your child will handle any challenges that arise on a Georgia college campus.

While seeking to find their own way in this new experience in life, college students might not always make the soundest of decisions. Some of these choices may lead to little more than minor setbacks in graduation timing, while others could prompt legal concerns that may place your child’s education and future at risk.

The examples

Knowing some of the most common types of legal concerns college students might face could help you understand the topics to discuss with your child and the next steps to take should the unthinkable occur. Some examples of common college student crimes may include:

  • Alcohol-related charges: Activities on college campuses may encourage alcohol consumption, and issues such as underage drinking or drinking and driving remain common concerns for college students.
  • Drug-related charges: During a similar experience in life, college students may seek to try out new things, and even if it is the first time, charges for illegal drug use or drug possession can carry severe repercussions.
  • Violent crimes: Interactions between college students may also prove somewhat volatile at times, and the outcome of a physical altercation could also leave your child facing serious ramifications.
  • Theft charges: Theft and burglary are two more examples of legal concerns that affect the lives of many college students. Knowing how best to address such issues may prove imperative.

Gatherings at apartments or dorms on college campuses could also grow out of hand quickly. Noise complaints and disorderly conduct are two examples of legal issues that may stem from such situations.

Your child’s future

Receiving a call informing you that your child was arrested on or near a college campus can prove a stressful and harrowing experience. Since the outcome of the situation could have a lingering impact on his or her life, it might be helpful to consider seeking guidance on how best to approach the situation. Such advice may prove essential to helping you carefully evaluate your available options and create a strategy for what comes next that best aligns with the needs and future interests of your child.


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