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When is it appropriate to file a personal injury complaint?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2024 | Injuries |

When someone is injured in Georgia due to the actions of another person, they may find themselves without the ability to live life as they did before the injury. Some individuals can recover completely, while others may suffer ill effects from the injury for the rest of their lives. Personal injury lawsuits exist so that victims can get monetary compensation to help them recover and cover injury-related expenses. By understanding more about personal injury cases, one can know what legal options they have. 

What constitutes personal injury? 

Negligence, strict liability, and intentional wrongs can all cause personal injury. Negligence happens when someone doesn’t follow what is considered reasonable care, often when driving. Strict liability is a legal term that provides victims a path to seek compensation when injured by a faulty product. Intentional wrongs cause injury when someone willfully takes action that injures another person, often associated with assault and battery. 

Personal injury victims should be prepared to show evidence of the extent of their injuries if they wish to seek compensation from the party at fault. Financial compensation from a successful personal injury lawsuit can be used to pay for medical bills, costs associated with loss of work, and other expenses. In some cases, the court may order additional compensation for pain and suffering.  

Knowing when to file a lawsuit 

Georgia victims of personal injury may not be aware of their options when it comes to seeking compensation. When one files a lawsuit against the party at fault, an attorney can provide guidance on gathering and presenting evidence to support one’s claims. In some cases, the party at fault may choose to settle without going to court. If not, both parties will be required to present their evidence before a ruling is made.  


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