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Arrests made for drugs after investigation at fraternity house

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2024 | Drug Crime Defense |

College students in Georgia and other states often have a reputation for partying, which is not necessarily harmful if they are responsible and refrain from using illegal substances. But when those students get involved with illegal drugs, their futures are at stake. A recent investigation at a fraternity house in Milledgeville led to the arrest of three young men after drugs were found. These young men are now facing felony drug charges, which could come with severe penalties if they are convicted.  

Details of the charges 

On a recent Friday afternoon, the GBI along with several other law enforcement departments and the campus police executed a search warrant at one of the Georgia College & State University fraternity houses. The warrant was issued after agents received information that drugs had been shipped to the house. The search led to the discovery of marijuana, THC vaping materials, THC gummies, and other drugs.  

After the drugs were found, three men were arrested. They are each facing felony drug charges related to possession and intent to distribute. The investigation is ongoing and could result in more arrests if law enforcement believes others are involved.  

Seek help after an arrest 

Facing charges related to drugs can leave one feeling hopeless and worrying that their plans for the future are ruined. Drug charges should be taken seriously but it’s important to remember that an arrest doesn’t always mean one will be convicted. Georgia residents who are facing drug-related charges should get legal advice as soon as possible after being arrested to begin preparing for how best to defend themselves against the charges.  


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