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Avoid co-parenting issues during spring break

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | Child Custody |

It’s the time of year when parents of school-age children must make plans for childcare during spring break. Georgia parents who are divorced or separated may face some challenges in co-parenting during this time. If the custody order doesn’t explicitly list who gets parenting time while the children are away from school during spring break, negotiating this time may be required. Flexibility and communication can both help avoid problems while discussing spring break plans.  

Spring break schedules 

Some parents may wish to split spring break, allowing the kids to see each parent during their time off. Alternating spring break from one year to the next can allow each parent to vacation with the child on alternating years if desired. Even with planning, spring break schedules may change at the last minute, which is why both parties must communicate any changes as soon as they’re aware.  

Modifying spring break plans may be required if something unexpected comes up. Being flexible about the children’s spring break schedule can help prevent a small issue from becoming more serious. Parents must remember that children usually look forward to spring break and it’s important to focus on making arrangements that benefit the kids most.  

Custody arrangements 

Parents of young children often find that negotiating custody is one of the most difficult parts of separation or divorce. In most cases, both parties want to spend quality time with their children regularly. Georgia parents who need assistance with understanding child custody laws and creating a co-parenting plan can benefit from working with a family law attorney.  


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