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Channing Tatum files paperwork in child custody case

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2019 | Child Custody And Child Support |

Georgia residents who are fans of Channing Tatum may know that he asked for a judge’s help in resolving a child custody dispute. Tatum reportedly asked a judge to create a custody schedule after the child’s mother failed to fully agree to one that he had proposed. The child’s mother is actress Jenna Dewan, and she and Tatum were married for nine years before getting divorced in 2018.

She claims that Tatum has refused to make changes to a custody schedule to accommodate her work schedule. There are also allegations that the parent who wasn’t with the child is supposed to be able to communicate with her via FaceTime. However, Dewan says that this doesn’t always happen when Tatum has the couple’s daughter. Furthermore, she claims that Tatum doesn’t always try to get in touch with his daughter when she has the child.

In addition to arguments over custody rights to their six-year-old daughter, there are allegations that Tatum isn’t providing financially for his daughter. He claims that he contributes to a joint account that both parents share for that purpose. Tatum has also said that he does try to contact his daughter when she is with her mother. However, he says that she has interfered with his attempts to do so.

Those who are having problems with a former partner may want to seek legal assistance in resolving those problems. An attorney may explain what a judge will consider when crafting a child support or child custody order. In many cases, both parents are entitled to be a part of their child’s life unless it would endanger the child in any way.


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