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Adoption brings joy to families in Georgia

Hundreds of thousands of kids are in foster care in the United States. These children, for one reason or another, have been removed their homes, and many are waiting to be adopted by a forever family. Georgia families interested in adoption have several options as they consider this process. Family law attorneys can provide assistance with both domestic and international adoptions.

One mother has shared the impact that adopting a child has made on her life. Through a series of pictures and captions, this new adoptive mother thanked "the village" that made her adoption journey a success. She believes that the family members, friends and legal professionals that helped her along the way are truly the village that made her adoption dreams come true, and added a little girl to her family.

Understanding the financial implications of Georgia divorce

Divorce can have a major impact on the finances of the separating parties. Most divorcing spouses understand that the process itself can be expensive, and then there is child support, alimony and other expenses related to divorce that have to be taken into account. One's tax situation is another thing of which those individuals going through divorce should be aware. Georgia parties working through this process can seek the aid of family lawyers who can provide guidance along the way.

If one's divorce is finalized prior to December 31, then both parties will have to file taxes as unmarried individuals. However, if the divorce is finalized after that date, the two parties will file as a married couple for that year, even if the divorce is finalized prior to their taxes being completed. Parents that have gone through the divorce process and are filing separately can then sort out who will get which tax breaks that are attributed to the children.

Child custody arrangements that work for Georgia families

Divorce brings with it a great deal of change and transition for everyone involved. Couples that are working through the divorce process with children have even more to be concerned about. Children can react in a variety of different ways to the news, but divorce does not have to leave a negative impact on the family. Georgia families looking into divorce and child custody have several resources available to them that can assist with the process.

When the two parties are able to work together in the best interest of the children, the process seems to be much less stressful and have less tension. During the divorce, the two parents need to determine whether or not they will be living under one roof, or if one party will be moving out. If both parents decide that they can remain in the same house for the time being, then working together and avoiding explosive arguments becomes the next challenge.

Georgia families have resources available to aid in adoption

Many families around the world have chosen to grow their families through the process of adoption. However, others who may be interested in adopting a child doubt that they will be able to afford the sometimes long and challenging process. Georgia families that are considering adoption can seek the guidance of family lawyers who have experience in working through this process.

One man has decided to do something about the financial stress associated with the adoption process. As a result of his effort, a crowdsourcing-funding platform was created to assist families with the initial financial burden of adopting a child. One family was able to adopt because of this platform. They signed up, had their profile vetted and sent it out on social media.

Divorce in Georgia does not have to break one's business

Some couples that get married are also business partners. Whether the business is just getting started or well established, it is wise for the two parties to create a prenuptial agreement and/or a buy-sell agreement prior to the marriage. Either of these can protect the business in the case of a divorce. However, many couples do not create this agreement before their wedding, and a postnuptial agreement could accomplish the same result for married couples. Family lawyers in Georgia can assist these parties in protecting a business should a divorce occur subsequently.

A spouse can protect business assets to pass on to one's children by using a trust. By putting assets in a trust in the name of the child, the assets can be protected in the event that the child eventually obtains a divorce. While this may not protect the full amount of the assets if that parent obtains a divorce, it does protect it for the next generation.

Thomas Rhett and his wife have decided to pursue adoption

Families grow and change in their own unique ways. While many couples choose to have their own biological children, some grow their families through adoption. Others do both, like singer Thomas Rhett and his wife. This process allows children who cannot be with their own biological family to become a part of a new family. In Georgia, family law professionals can assist couples as they research and explore the various adoption opportunities available to them.

One celebrity couple, Thomas Rhett and his wife, decided that they were going to adopt a child from Africa and began the process months before traveling to the continent for a safari. During their trip, however, they found out the unexpected. They were expecting their own biological child.

Should child custody be split equally between Georgia parents?

Parents who are considering separation or divorce have a myriad of resources available to assist them with the process. When working through a divorce, those with children have to deal with forming and establishing a child custody arrangement that is in the best interest of the children. Family lawyers in Georgia can provide guidance for parents facing these issues.

Traditionally, it was thought that children of divorced parents needed to spend the majority of their time with their mother, leaving the father with substantially less time to spend with the children. More up-to-date research indicates that this is not the case, especially for those children who are quite young when their parents divorce. When time with the children is divided more equally between the two parents, children are able to form stronger and longer lasting relationships with each parent.

Foster care adoption possible for families in Georgia

The process of adopting a child may seem daunting to many. Fortunately, family lawyers can be of great assistance throughout this process, guiding families from the beginning to the moment when they get to bring their child home. For those considering adoption in Georgia, the foster care system is one option available to these families.

One family chose to become foster parents after their three biological children had grown up and moved out. It was during this time that they received a baby whose mother was unable to care for her. After the parental rights were terminated, it took a few months for the couple to decide that they wanted to take the steps to adopt this precious little girl. Since then, they have enjoyed every moment of being her parents.

When to divorce in Georgia

January has come to be known as the divorce month for many families as spouses make the choice to separate after the beginning of a new year. There are numerous reasons that may lead to this decision, including stress, a fresh start and unhappiness. Regardless of the reason, those interested in obtaining a divorce in Georgia have a wide variety of resources at their disposal.

There is not a perfect time to begin the divorce process. Some people wait until taxes have been filed, as couples can file under joint status if they were still married on December 31. Others wait until a bonus has been given, in the hope that it might get split or be used for payment of some aspect of the divorce.

Being prepared for divorce in Georgia

As a new year begins, January seems to be the month of divorce. Now that the holiday season is over and resolutions are being made, many want a clean slate with which to begin the new year. While this appears to be a logical course of action, it is important for those considering divorce in Georgia to be prepared for the proceedings to follow. 

One important aspect is to understand the value of marital assets and liabilities. Although one party may have been in charge of the finances throughout the marriage, having a knowledge of what one's assets are and how much they are worth can greatly ease the stress that typically comes with property division. Determining how these assets and debts can be divided efficiently prevent unnecessary conflict later on.

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