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Planning for the future in Georgia property division

With divorce comes the division of assets, debts and property. If there are children involved, then child custody arrangements have to be worked through as well. When two parties begin this process, it is crucial for them to carefully plan and take into account all of these factors. Georgia family lawyers can provide guidance for clients as they determine property division, alimony and possible child custody arrangements.

The laws and guidelines concerning property division and divorce vary by state, and rarely is everything split 50/50. In order to have the most equitable split possible, it is highly important that both parties account for all assets and debts that they have individually and that they share. When taking these things into account, determining what is marital and what is separate property can assist in figuring out the distribution of these assets.

Georgia families can overcome international adoption challenges

Many prospective adoptive families seem hesitant to go through the process of international adoption because of the possibility of difficulties between governments. While the process may take longer because of the paperwork that has to be done on both sides, this fear is no reason to leave children in other countries without families to call their own. Georgia couples that are interested in adoption can seek the guidance of family lawyers who can assist with both domestic and international adoptions.

One family began the process of adopting their 3-year-old boy nearly two years ago. Just when they were going to pick him up and bring him home, a ban was placed on international adoptions from the country. In spite of the ban, the country's government has continued processing the paperwork of several adoption cases before the laws are officially changed. These adoptive parents and their son could not be more excited, as they prepare to come home for good just mere months after the ban was announced.

Those in Georgia family law can assist divorcing parents

Throughout the years, child custody arrangements have changed as research has shown how children are affected by the time they get to spend with each parent. When a couple goes through a divorce, the lives and routines of everyone involved experience a transformation. The child custody agreement that parents make for their children plays a crucial role in the new routine that will be established. Family law professionals in Georgia are well-versed in child custody options and can assist a mother or father in determining which arrangement is best for their children.

The child custody arrangement is typically based on the role of each parent in the lives of the children, as well as the best interest of the child. For some parents, this may mean that one parent receives primary custody, while the other solely has visitation rights. However, research reveals that child tend to do better when they spend at least 35 percent of their time with each parent. This custody arrangement is called shared parenting.

Adoption is worth the wait for Georgia families

Amy Brown, of the "Bobby Bones Show," has made the decision to adopt a little boy from Haiti. While adoption was not her reason for visiting this country several years ago, that changed when Amy met a 2-year-old boy who moved rather slowly and was not overly social. The blond lady walked into the orphanage, and the boy reached out for her and did not let go for five hours. Brown later made the decision, as have many families in Georgia, that she wanted to adopt this child.

Upon the return from her trip, Amy told her husband that he should meet this little boy who had captured her heart. The couple then returned to Haiti and decided that they would begin the adoption process, not only for this 2-year-old boy but also for a girl who was a bit older. Since that decision, the couple has been working through adoption paperwork and visits for four years.

Coming out stronger through Georgia divorce

The end of a marriage affects each person involved, from the children to the couple choosing to separate. As the two parties work through property division and child custody arrangements, family lawyers can assist with the process. These Georgia professionals have experience in handling a variety of divorce cases and understand the steps that should be taken when children, businesses and other assets have to be taken care of.

Children whose parents are beginning the stages of the divorce process are more perceptive than one may think. Keeping them informed and reassuring them that the divorce is not their fault are crucial as they work through this life-changing event. When creating a child custody agreement, the parents should take into account the children's needs and best interests.

Prenups provide security for Georgia couples in case of divorce

With a large number of marriages ending in divorce and people then getting remarried, prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular among engaged couples. While some may think that prenuptial agreements doom a marriage to end in divorce, these agreements can actually provide a better understanding of the couples' financial assets and liabilities. Georgia couples considering marriage may choose to obtain the guidance of a family lawyer as they move through this process.

A prenuptial agreement can serve a similar purpose as car insurance. Although hopefully nothing will happen so that it has to be used, it is there just in case. When creating this agreement, being up front with one's finances and property is crucial. It is important to distinguish between what may be premarital property and what may become marital property.

Changing the life of a child through adoption in Georgia

Adopting a child can forever change the lives of all of those involved. While there are many types of adoption, international adoption is one course that families can take to provide a home for a child who does not have one. Those families looking to grow through the process of adopting a child in Georgia may seek to pursue this route.

One couple decided to grow their family by adopting children with special needs from Eastern Europe. Although they already had six biological children, the couple went through the adoption process and brought home two siblings. It was then that the family found out that the little girl they had adopted had another sister in a different orphanage. They had to meet her.

Prenuptial agreements benefit marriage and divorce in Georgia

More and more people are choosing to wait and get married later in life. With the high divorce rate throughout the country, these couples are also making the practical choice to create a prenuptial agreement prior to the marriage. Whether one is approaching marriage or has been married for years, family law professionals in Georgia can assist them in creating pre- or post-nuptial agreements.

While some think that creating a plan for property division in the case of divorce dooms a marriage, other consider it an opportunity to get on the same page. Many assets and debts are joined together when a couple gets married, and understanding the finances and property that one brings into that relationship can be quite beneficial. Creating a prenuptial agreement can be especially appealing to couples moving into a second marriage or creating a blended family.

International adoption still a great option for Georgia families

Over the course of the last 12 years, the number of international adoptions occurring in the United States has been on a steady decline. While international adoption is not the option type available to families, it has typically been a good opportunity when considering adoption. Those families in Georgia interested in adopting a child may choose to pursue international adoption.

Several factors have played a part in the declining number of international adoptions taking place each year. Bans or suspensions placed on adoption by other countries have certainly hindered this process. Officials with the U.S. Department of State do believe, however, that the number of adoptions from Africa has room for growth, while adoption from Russia is at a standstill resulting from a ban.

Working through the process of divorce in Georgia

Divorce can often be a long and drawn-out process. Two people's lives that have been fused together are now being separated, which means several aspects of life have to be figured out. Couples beginning or working through the divorce process in Georgia can seek the guidance of a family lawyer, who can help them through the process.

During a divorce, it is crucial that one gains an understanding of their individual and shared assets and accounts. Having copies of important records, such as tax history and medical records, can also be useful as one works through property division and transitions into single life. Furthermore, closing joint accounts is an important step as finances move from being shared to separate.

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