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Georgia child custody: Children are people, not pawns

Not all divorces are created equal. A divorce proceeding is unique to the two parties, particularly when children are involved. The parents' roles in their children's lives is a central focus in resolving these issues. In some cases, it does not work for both parents to be heavily involved in child custody, thus resulting in primary custody being awarded to one party, while the other typically receives visitation rights. However, whenever possible and with growing frequency in Georgia, co-parenting or shared custody may be awarded.

Research shows that children used as pawns in high-conflict, or even low-conflict, divorces tend to react poorly. They may act out in school, withdraw into themselves or suffer another way either emotionally or psychologically. While there is evidence that shows that children of divorce may not do as well academically or relationally, that does not have to be the case.

Protecting one's retirement plan in Georgia divorce

When dissolving a marriage, dividing assets can be challenging and stressful, which can be especially true for those divorcing later in life and nearing retirement. The divorce rate among those over the age of 50 has doubled over the last two decades. This can leave individuals wondering what they are going to do about their retirement and pensions. Family law professionals can assist those going through this process in Georgia. 

Retirement and pensions are two of things most fought over during the divorce process. When two parties both have careers and are able to create their own retirement accounts, the tension can be minimal. However, this is not always the case. For other spouses, dividing all of their shared finances, assets and debts can create friction. 

International adoption: Georgia families begin the process

The number of children in need of adoption is astounding. Around the world, children have been placed in institutions, foster care or with extended family members as they await being adopted into their forever families. Georgia families that are looking into adoption have a variety of resources available to them that can assist with the process.

International adoption was once one of the main methods of adopting children around the world. Tragically, some people misused this system, and children were adopted into harmful situations. Many countries have since then closed their borders completely, with some now reopening, while others have solely closed their borders to particular countries. This results in potential adoptive families being forced to adopt domestically, while children are left without parents to call their own.

Choosing the best child custody option in Georgia divorce

There are a variety of aspects that have to be taken into consideration when thinking about divorce. Property division, child custody and child support are just some of the things that two parties will have to work through as they separate their lives. Those considering obtaining a divorce in Georgia may want to contact a family law professional. With their assistance, a once-daunting process can be broken down into steps that are less stressful and easier to manage.

When children are involved in a divorce, they may wonder why the divorce is happening and if it is their fault. No matter the stress with which the parents are dealing, it is important for them to reassure their children during this life-changing time. Affirming that they are loved and will be taken care of can make a big impact on how the children adjust to their new living situation.

Taxes and credit to be considered in Georgia property division

Divorce can affect one in nearly every area of life, including emotionally and financially. It can be incredibly stressful to move from being a couple to being an individual. Working through property division can be an especially daunting task as there are many things to consider. Family law professionals can assist those going through divorce in Georgia through the process of dividing property and other assets.

Filing taxes can change with the division of property between the two parties. Additionally, one will now file as a single individual instead of as married. One's accounts, including debts, will also have to be taken care of during the divorce process. As property is divided, one party or the other may be assigned to cover certain debts. It is important to be aware of whose name is on loans and other debts in order to protect one's credit.

The power of adoption in Georgia

Children who do not have a family to call their own can begin a new life after being adopted. One man, a Wendy's franchise owner, has decided to do what he can to inspire others to get involved in adoption, and he is biking four thousand miles across the United States to call attention to process. Those interested in adopting a child in Georgia can contact family law professionals for information and assistance.

There are more than one hundred thousand children currently in the foster care system. Far too many of this children will age out of the system and never know what it is like to have a loving and caring family. The founder of Wendy's, Dave Thomas, was an adopted child and knew just how powerful adoption can be. His foundation has helped raise awareness and money for children up for adoption.

Georgia child custody: physical vs. legal custody

For many families around the globe, divorce has become a part of their lives. This division between two individuals that were once considered to be one can be complicated, especially when children are involved. Divorcing parties in Georgia can seek assistance from a professional in family law who can explain things like child custody arrangements and child support. With a thorough understanding of these aspects of divorce, the process can be much less stressful.

One of the first things to know about child custody is the difference between legal and physical custody. The latter refers to which party the children will be living with. In shared or joint custody arrangements, both parents share physical custody. Legal custody, on the other hand, concerns one's right to be involved in making decisions regarding education, religion, and health care options and treatments.

Georgia adoption can give children with special needs a family

International adoption by families in the United States has dropped drastically over the last couple of decades. As countries change and create new laws concerning adoption internationally, the process may change and possibly take longer. For couples in Georgia, it can take considerably less time to adopt a child with special needs of some type.

A major concern for adoptive families is the medical needs that the children they are adopting may have. Many children with malnutrition, heart disease and spina bifida make up those that can be adopted internationally. While this may make some families less likely to adopt internationally, there are medical programs available that can help once the children arrive in Georgia.

Preparing for divorce in Georgia

Being prepared can make a challenge seem much less overwhelming and stressful. That is definitely true when it comes to the divorce process. Divorcing takes one couple and separates them into two individuals, which can be complicated when it comes down to dividing property and other assets. For assistance in working through a divorce, family law professionals in Georgia can provide information and guidance throughout the process.

A major part of divorce is the property division between the two parties. Understanding one's finances and assets can be incredibly helpful during this division process. Along with dividing finances, determining a child custody arrangement can play a large role in a divorce. These agreements are unique to each family and can range from sole custody to co-parenting arrangements in which both parents spend nearly equal time with the children.

Children's best interests in Georgia child custody proceedings

As one works through a divorce, it may seem near to impossible to decide upon a child custody arrangement that requires both parents to work together. Just as each divorce is unique to each situation, child custody agreements are equally individualized. Those in Georgia who are looking into custody options can seek assistance from an experienced family law lawyer.

A popular term when determining child custody is the "best interests" of the children. While it may seem obvious that both parents would want what is best for their children, there are many factors that must be taken into account. Depending on the child's age, his or her desire regarding which parent to live with may be considered. Abuse and domestic violence also play a significant role in determining whether one parent may have sole custody or if shared custody is a viable option.

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